Big news for DC fans today!

It’s every nerds dream to see all there favorite superheroes on the big screen!
this morning I woke up to check up on comic con news updates to find this dream will become true.

20130720-185631.jpg for in 2017 us DC fans will finally get what we’ve been begging for. A Justice League movie.

But that’s not the only news we learned today! We also learned the flash will be speeding to the big screens in 2016!

not soon enough for you? Don’t worry you’ve got one more movie to be looking forward too. Worlds Finest, Man of steels sequal. The Man of Steel/ batman movie set to be released in 2015!

When I heard about this movie I couldn’t believe what I had just read! But it’s true! Right befor the Warner Bros. panel ended today surprise guest Zach Snyder appeared to announce this movie! The crowds were ecstatic!



Zach was done talking when shortly after this logo appeared with epic music playing!

You can listen to the announcement here:

What do you think of DC’s plans? Are you excited?


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