Review of Arrow

I know I’m late but I just this week started watching the tv show Arrow, I am pleased for the most part. It’s what I expected in a show about a superhero on CW.
It starts with Oliver Queen returning home after being stranded on a island for 5 years. Stuff has changed, his family has changed, he has changed. The show goes on, he becomes green arrow and throughout the first season we get flash backs of him on the island, revealing his survival and training. There are plenty of Easter eggs too, like his sister Thea’s nick name is speedy,(hmmm)
Oliver falls in love for a short while with Helena Bertinelli (AKA Huntress), and we see a character assumed to be Deathstroke. As expected there is quite a bit of love drama(like smallville). In the future of this series I would like to see Oliver grow his hair out and have a goatee.

there’s been a lot of talk of whether or not Oliver will be in the Justice League movie and I think I would be cool with him being in it. What do you think? How do you like the show? Do you think this adaption of Oliver Queen could work with the Justice League?

It is very entertaining. I give the series(so far) a 8.5/10.

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